Faithful Abolitionists in the Nashville, Tennessee area have been going to gates of the Gospel-preaching, theologically orthodox, Evangelical churches in their area bringing the biblical message of Abolition.

Why in the world are Abolitionists doing this? Because those gatherings of professing Christians are not behaving in a manner which is consistent with their professed beliefs.

Children are actually being murdered everyday in their communities and those gatherings of Christians refuse to do anything of any substance that will rescue those children from being killed. They choose to be silent. They choose to look the other way. They have chosen to make peace with child sacrifice in their midst.

Watch these videos and see if you can discern the reason(s) why this church does not engage in the battle to end the slaughter within their realm of influence. Good job Abolitionist Society Of Sumner County.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3