Order of events surrounding the exhortation of The Church At Grace Park, White House, TN.

February 2016 – Abolitionist Mike Gulley delivers packet to church staff to be delivered to an elder or pastor. This packet contains a letter as well as a sampling of abolitionists material. Click here to read the letter.

February 2016 – Pastor Patrick Nix responded to the packet. We both had very conflicting schedules and were unable to establish a good meeting time. I continued to let Patrick know I did desire to meet with him when our schedules allowed. I also informed him that he was the ONLY church leadership who had responded to the letter (I had dropped off the packet to a dozen churches in White House, TN)

May 9th 2016 – We are finally able to arrange a sit down meeting with Patrick. Abolitionists Mike Gulley, Heather Gulley, Jake Cooper, Nikki Vestal and Rob Vestal were present. Meeting was about 2 hours in length and by all appearances was favorable. Many of us were very excited about the potential unity with Grace Park and and the hope of co-laborers. He was talking about recording a video of us and sharing it in the church. He was in agreement with our theology, but not so much our methods. He seemed to understand that there was a need for various methods in this battle.

May 11th 2016 – See Email from Patrick explaining that we could not work together in unity.


I continued communicating with Patrick regularly attempting to reconcile and seek clarity on his disagreements.

May 2016 – Abolitionists receive a cordial invitation to come and exhort the Church at Grace Park


June 5th 2016 – Abolitionists come to exhort Grace Park

First video – Day 1 – Abolitionist Testimonies

Final video by Abolitionist Society Of Sumner County, TN

Johnny Hauser was on the property and was asked to leave the property by Bruce (church staff), Jake Cooper did stand up in the service to tell them they had asked Johnny Hauser (the author of the parable that was read to the congregation by the preacher) to leave the property.



June 7th 2016 – Abolitionists are made aware of an email sent to Grace Park congregants


Our last communication received from Grace Park

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The Church at Grace Park
506 Hester Drive, White House, TN