No Compromise With Abortion


As abolitionists, we make no compromises, nor do we adopt a moderate or incrementalist position when it comes to the abolition of human abortion. We believe abortion is the most vicious act of dehumanization and oppression ever practiced in human history, and we advocate for its immediate and total abolition. We do not believe that the planned-and-paid-for-murder of an unborn human being is ever morally justified. Abortion is never the right choice, never the only option, and never the best solution to any situation.

Most people disagree with this position.

First among them are the out-and-out “pro-choicers” who think that abortion-on-demand and the 53 million unborn babies killed by its legalization are great triumphs for women’s rights. We believe these people are themselves victims in the long war against abortion. They are the ones who show up to pro-life rallies and demonstrations and wave bloody coat-hangers in the air as they chant things like, “My body, my choice,” “Ain’t no party like a pro-choice party,” and “Keep your theology out of my uterus/rosaries off my ovaries.”

Such pro-choicers believe that the right to an abortion is necessary for female liberation and the progress of women’s rights. For these people, abortion is a moral good, and restrictions on abortion a moral evil, Any mention of, say, “the rape exception” in the abortion debate is merely a smokescreen, for they actually believe that having an abortion is justified in any case, not just in the case of rape. They advocate the use of abortion as a last-ditch method of birth control, something that might be necessary to retain a coveted internship or conceal the evidence of an adulterous affair or meaningless one-night stand. These are the people who have been most dehumanized by the continued practice of abortion. We expect them to disagree with us and we understand why.

There is another group of people who disagree with our uncompromising position on abortion. This group is actually much larger than the more visible pro-choice group, and it is composed of people who largely identify themselves as “pro-lifers.”

In fact, a majority of the people in this country do not believe abortion is a women’s rights coup and do not believe that abortion-on-demand ought to be legal. They believe that abortion ought to be “regulated”, “restricted”, or “banned in most cases.” This is the mass of good and respectable citizens who claim to believe that abortion is wrong a human rights violation, but who nonetheless argue that it is permissible in the case of rape/incest or as a measure to mercifully end the life of a severely handicapped, developing, unborn human being.

Such a position is in no way consistently pro-life, but is rather far more clearly a “pro-choice” position, professing that a rape victim should have the choice to punish her unborn child along with, or in the place of, the child’s father, and that parents who do not want to raise a child with medical or emotional needs beyond what they hoped should have the choice to pay an abortionist to just take care of their burden, never stopping to consider that there are families all over the world who desire to adopt children with special needs, that love is our highest calling.

IMG_0846 No, those who hold this position are not pro-life. They are effectively advocates of the medical extermination of the weak, needy, and fatherless. We are unashamed to contend that such a position is actually more akin to eugenics than what is traditionally considered pro-life. If you adopt this position, please consider whether or not you are truly and consistently pro-life. Consider thoughtfully whether such a position might best be described as that of an “Abortion-Compromiser.”

However you refer to yourself, you are certainly not an abolitionist. As abolitionists, we categorically reject all instances of the practice of human abortion and seek to effect its immediate and total abolition.

Christ called us to care for the weakest members of our society, not abandon them to destruction. Children conceived in rape and incest deserve our protection and adoption. Children diagnosed with serious developmental abnormalities deserve our compassion and assistance. We are to care for the fatherless and the infirm, not abandon them to violence at the hands of well-paid strangers.

We believe that allowing abortion in some cases along the way to its abolition in all cases is neither strategically sound nor consistently Christian1. You cannot abolish abortion by allowing it to continue or pretend that it is justified in some cases. You cannot abolish abortion by compromising with the culture of death that undergirds its approval. Any strategy for ending abortion in this country which allows for the continued occurrence of some abortions for the sake of outlawing the rest, though seemingly pragmatic and deceptively promising to be effectual, is just that: compromise. Like the abolitionists of old who stood their ground and bellowed, “No compromise with slavery!” we declare:  “NO COMPROMISE WITH ABORTION.” 

  • Central to the work of abolition is a bold proclamation of  the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. Repentance and the Mercy of God are hold key to ending abortion.
  • Abolitionists adopt the following Five Tenets. If you think any of these tenets are foolish, that’s fine, but it probably means you are not actually an abolitionist.
  • Abolitionist participate in Two Modes of Fighting evil.
  • And yes… There are a number of Differences between Abolitionists and Pro-lifer? We aren’t saying that Prolifers are wrong or bad, just that there is a difference between the ideology of Abolitionism and the ideology driving the modern pro-life movement.
  • And please know this also… the work of Abolition must be Non-Violent.