Abolitionist Society of Atlanta Project Nineveh – Atlanta, GA

18 January – 22 January 2017

19-20 January 2017

Abolitionists were out in the foyers of the Georgia International Conference Center from 0730-0900 on Thursday, January 19 2017. We were not attendees of the soon to start G3 conference. There were however a few abolitionists we ran into who were in attendance. A group of 6 abolitionists went to Atlanta specifically to provoke professing brothers and sisters in Christ at the G3 Conference to love and good works. Our intentions were to distribute literature and engage in one on one dialogue outside the G3 conference event but within the overall conference center. We never had any plans to disrupt or otherwise interfere with the conference schedule or vendor rooms/booths. We had no expectations of being admitted into conference sessions or vendor areas. Literature which was handed out can be found here, here, here and here

IMG_3624The goal was to bypass/circumvent the typical misperception that abolitionists just show up with signs and protest Christian gatherings. Our agreement with one another was that we would not move to occupy the public sidewalks with signs and literature until/if we were forced to. We also designed a sign which stated “This is not a protest……we are here to bring your apathy into conflict with their deaths” which also had a picture of a 1st trimester abortion victim.


We went person to person inside the conference. We encouraged people to read the literature, be good Bereans and search the Scriptures to see if what we were saying was true. We asked them to just consider what it should look like to be a follower of Jesus Christ in a world which kills its children. We were very peaceable, quiet and non-disruptive. That was our goal and I believe we achieved that goal. There was one man who was sitting at a table reading a Bible out loud so we simply placed a pamphlet on the table next to him and said “this is for you” quietly and moved on. The man reading Scripture was Tony Miano. He was apparently reading Scripture to his follower base via a Periscope live feed. Later that day He posted about the encounter.

The only confrontation that occurred was with G3 staff members. After about 30 minutes of uninterrupted time doing the above abolitionists were pulled aside by Pastor Ric Blazi of Pray’s Mill Baptist Church (Douglasville, GA) who was functioning as a G3 Staff member (he also said he was an elder at the conference). He informed us they had not had an opportunity to “vet” the information within our literature and that they would prefer we not hand them out. They informed us of a G3 Conference process of submitting literature for “vetting” and then applying for, and paying for, a vendor booth (check payable to Pray’s Mill Baptist Church) at the conference which was the proper method and procedure. One abolitionist asked if he would take the 5 minutes necessary to read the pamphlet and make a discernment. He refused. Another abolitionist corrected Pastor Ric Blazi telling him that the Bible does indeed speak of stopping the mouths of those who may oppose the truth, but it specifically tells us how to do so: correcting/refuting them with all sound doctrine. G3 staff were encouraged to do so and even make a public declaration of correction if anything false was discovered.

One abolitionist asked Pastor Ric Blazi (G3 Staff/Elder) if we could continue to carry on interpersonal communication with other believers in the foyers. We were granted permission to do so. Another abolitionist asked if we could give pamphlets during those interpersonal communications if other believers wanted more information. We were granted permission to do so. Abolitionists dispersed from that rendezvous with G3 Staff to continue mingling with those in the foyer. Immediately G3 Conference staff members began interrupting their interpersonal communications. One staff member was reported to actually take a pamphlet out of the hand of an attendee while he was actively talking to an abolitionist.

At this point 2 of the 6 abolitionists had been asked to leave and began leafletting cars in the parking lots with drop cards that read “500 children are going to be ‘legally’ murdered by their parents in the next 4 hours in your nation. Are you acting like it?”. The other abolitionists inside were told they could not distribute anymore pamphlets by a police officer inside the conference center. Abolitionists met in the parking lot while at least 2-3 G3 staff members followed closely behind. We were instructed by the Law Enforcement officers outside that we needed to “get in our cars and leave immediately or face arrest and prosecution”. Abolitionists departed the private property of the conference center immediately and remained on the public sidewalks outside the conference center for the remainder of the conference with signs and literature.

We were informed later that day that Pastor Josh Buice (Head Pastor at Pray’s Mill Baptist) announced from the G3 stage to “Throw away any pamphlets AHA passed out”…

Abolitionists maintained a presence outside the G3 Conference Thursday, 19 January 2017, and also Friday, 20 January 2017.  We had hundreds of fruitful and humble conversations and distributed thousands of pamphlets to G3 attendees, conference staff members and nearby hotel guests.

While so many interested parties have been working to malign abolitionists, one prominent speaker (Paul Washer) actually took the time to speak with them, listen to them, and you can hear his change of tone as he has misperceptions corrected and learns the other side of the story. The most important part of this is that, in the process, some myths are busted that turn out to offer a tremendous case example for all of us when it comes to spreading falsehoods specifically, and integrity with print media in general.

A Playlist of Videos which will be continually updated can be found here:

Below are some photos of the G3 Conference:

Saturday, 21 January 2017

Although we had a few private messages from attendees requesting our return, abolitionists had no presence at the G3 conference on Saturday. Instead, abolitionists visited the final lines of the Feminist Woman’s center (Child Sacrifice Center on Saturday morning to plead for the lives of the image bearers being slaughtered and to plead with their mothers, fathers and “doctors” to believe the Gospel.

Abolitionists also brought the Gospel to thousands of those participating in the Atlanta Woman’s March for “social justice”. Abolitionists were mildly assaulted and their signs were thrown off bridges. But praise God He gave his people the boldness to stand firm in love despite the hatred/persecution and also to proclaim His free gift of salvation through the death burial and resurrection of Christ. The darkness was exposed and all those who heard the Word of God knew that they could walk free from their wickedness and sin through repentance and faith in the resurrected Christ who reigns on high as King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

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