Recently I have noticed a disturbing response to abolitionists as they discuss Abolition with professing Christians. The abolitionist will be wearing a shirt or the AHA symbol and a professing Christian will ask about it. The abolitionist will tell them about abolitionism, and the need for Christians to be salt and light in this wicked and depraved world.

Here is where it gets disturbing for me.

The professing Christian will say something to the effect of: “I’m fully on board with that!” the abolitionist will give them contact information, invite them to a meeting, ask them to join them at a mill on a certain date, etc…… Then, to the disappointment of the abolitionist, the professing Christian will never contact them, show up for a meeting or join them in ministry.

So what are they “on board” with?

Perhaps they are figuratively  referring to getting on board a car, train or ship heading in a certain direction. Though I am concerned to say I don’t think they believe they have any roles or responsibilities on this vessel. I believe many see being “fully on board” as checking a box, paying some money or patting someone else on the back for their good works.

Oswald J. Smith rightly said

“The Body of Christ is not a pleasure cruiser on its way to Heaven, but a battleship stationed at the very gates of Hell”

This battle ship requires that every member “fully on board” be trained, equipped and present for duty. Yes people will handle different aspects of the operation, upkeep and readiness of the ship; however they will all be diligently working.

At this point someone may object that donating money (or other various ways to subcontract ones duties to love their neighbor) is doing something to help in the fight. That may very well be the case in certain circumstances. However consider this analogy: A child is drowning in a pool and there is no lifeguard on duty. Can you rightly use your lack of “gifting” as a lifeguard to justify inaction in trying to save the child’s life? Can your “calling” to help pay for lifeguard training courses justify your inaction? Similarly can your donations to help pay for various means of assistance, and perhaps even donations to purchase agitation material, justify your inaction of actually trying to rescue your preborn neighbors from death?


I pray you will consider this, pray about it, read your Bible and put your faith into action. I pray when you say “I’m fully on board with that!” that you actually mean your on board with doing the work and not just a fan of the ideas.