The Abolitionist Society of Sumner County, TN reached out to Portland High School 19-20 November. We were present both before and after school with signs and literature. We have seen with our own eyes young teens with Sumner County plates on their car at the abortion mill in Nashville Tennessee. We desire to reach out to these students before they become pregnant, before they decide to murder their child and before they see us outside The Women’s Center at 419 Welshwood Drive in Nashville.


On day 2 of Project Front Lines (November 20th, 2015) while proclaiming Christ, and warning these students not to murder their own children, at Portland High School in Tennessee I was cited in lieu of arrest for disorderly conduct  by Officer Justin T. Toth badge 428. Officer Toth had also threatened to arrest me for exercising my 1st amendment rights the previous day.

The busses driving behind me were drowning out the Gospel as well as the ambient noise of the busses on the school property. We used amplification to overcome the ambient noise. We waited for school to be over, and we waited for them to finish their end of day announcements over the school PA.

I attempted to oblige the officer’s request and was nearly as loud as with an amplifier. I raised my voice to such a volume that I lost my voice.

I opted to use my small 20 watt amplifier to warn the sheriff officers of the danger they were in as they opposed exposing the truth of our national sin. As they opposed the truth reaching these students before they murdered their children. As they opposed the truth of Christ and Him crucified.

Officer Toth attempted to shut down this activity both days I was out there.


Please pray for officer Toth and the officers involved in this attack on Disciples of Christ. Pray they recognize their sin and find Godly sorrow in this life which leads to repentance and saving faith.

I returned to Portland High School Tennessee on Tuesday 24 November. I received multiple middle fingers by students as they departed the parking lot in busses. One yelled at me “I love abortion!”.  Another student walking home from school took a pamphlet from me. I asked him if they had been talking about this in school. He said no because “it was too sensitive of a subject”.