Some people think we are a cult because we seek to unify followers of Jesus Christ in the call for justice and mercy and believe that the Body and Bride of Christ possess the power to abolish human abortion. They say we are opposed to the local church and that we are fixated on abortion as though it were not some kind of a political issue, special calling, or “para” church concern.

Its not. Abortion is literally child sacrifice. It is among the very things that Jesus Christ came to destroy. It is among the very things that He set up His church to deal with as we bring His Gospel to the nations.

We are not opposed to the local church.

In fact, we believe that all abolitionists (all Christians), ought to be active faithful members of local church fellowships and submit themselves to every jot and tittle of the Word of God’s teaching on the subject of how believers are to come together in community for worship, study, prayer, and the observance of baptism and the Lord’s table.

We are seen by those who have set up local churches unto themselves (as Diotrephes did, see 3 John 1:9) as dangerous to their work because we want to exhort “their” sheep to be unified with believers in other local churches and work together to in the great commission. Though these critics would never admit it outright, they actually believe that the work of the ministry can only be done under the authority of a local church and its elders and that the universal church of the Living God has no authority.

We disagree. We believe that Christ is The Head of The Church and that members of His body in different locales can, should, and will work together in Unity under Christ in the building up of His Kingdom on earth as it is in Heaven. Among the many things that the Bride of Christ will accomplish through His peer and by the leading of the Holy Spirit is the abolition of human abortion.

The abolition of legally protected child-sacrifice is a great work of the universal body and bride of Christ. When local assemblies, religious service providers, and religious organizations stand against the work that Christ is doing through His bride, they have chosen to become everything that they are accusing us of. They have put their local work and the building up of their local organization and ministry above the fellowship of the saints and the Kingdom of God as it is coming here and now. They have chosen to be para-ministries, separate from the wider body of Christ. They are nomadic bodies, setting themselves apart from the universal church, seeking to build their own little empires.

Do not be deceived. Abolitionists representing themselves with the AHA symbol are not anti-church or anti-local-church. We are anti-diotrephean church (1 John 1:9). We are anti-Nicolatian church (Revelation 2:6, 14-15). We are pro-local fellowship of believers and unity in the universal body and bride of Christ!

If you are not faithfully and actively participating in the work of the church in your local community, you are in the wrong. If you are not meeting with other believers for fellowship, accountability, the study and teaching of God’s word, the observance of His ordinances and the keeping of His commands, you are in the wrong. But if you are opposing the work of the Church universally and discouraging members of your local fellowship from unifying with believers you know in areas beyond your local situation, you are teaching and exhorting your people to disunity. If you are slamming and slandering Christians who are members of other local fellowships because they dare to be unified in Christ above and beyond their local situation, you are guilty of bearing false witness and attacking the Bride of Christ.

Woe unto you!