Yesterday the Welshwood Death Camp was closed for business. We were hoping today would be the same, but alas they were open.

When my wife and I arrived at the mill there were already a few gathered which I was glad to see. Today we were joined by a local pastor and a member of his congregation. This would prove to be an exceptionally challenging 1st day for them. There were several cars in the lot and every one of the families that drove them there were absolutely bent on destroying their children. At first it appeared that one woman, who was in a White SUV, was having second thoughts. She was apprehensive and weepy, she tried to enter through the wrong door and quickly got back in the passenger seat of the SUV. They drove away and parked somewhere out of my line of sight. There was a young kid in a Grey import car who actually spoke to Mike for a moment before stating that he wasn’t going to give us the time of day. He got into his car and after sitting a little while he left the parking lot altogether.

It was not long before the White SUV came back and the young woman got out and went back inside. I learned that she had another child in the backseat of the SUV. She was inside for a while. Mike took the opportunity to speak to the woman who drove her there and he engaged her for probably 20 min. She may have responded a little but mostly she just justified herself. The woman who she brought with her came back out and her demeanor had totally changed. She was now more assured and confident in her decision to kill her child. Many of us tried to speak to her but it seemed to fall on deaf ears.

Brother Emmanuel, Mike and myself shared from the word of God as we felt led and eventually it just seemed that the only thing left to do was sing. So sing we did. As we were finishing singing “Nothing But The Blood” the boy in the Grey car pulled back into the parking lot and parked directly in front of us. He turned on his stereo and began blasting very perverse rap music at high volume in an attempt to drown us out, flailing his arms like a broken marionette in an attempt to assuage his guilt. This seemed to embolden the women in the SUV even more. I was particularly disgusted when those women began twerking in the parking  lot to the perverted music. I called the police to report a noise violation. It seemed appropriate to raise our voices above the stereo, so we did. We read scripture next to the man’s window while he continued his adolescent display of rebellion. Shortly thereafter a man from the nearby apartments came out to complain about the noise from the boy’s car. I informed him that I had called the police, which the boy heard, and then the boy shut off his radio and drove off. Several of the parents, who had come to sacrifice their children, gathered together to celebrate the foolishness of the debased music aficionado.

Heather continued to speak to the women in the SUV and as they were talking when one of the Catholic women walked over, interrupted Heather, and told one of the women who were there to kill their offspring that she wasn’t judgmental like us and they should talk to her. She actually said ‘I care about your body and won’t judge your relationship with God.’ Cameron asked me to share the Gospel again with the people by the cars. I tried, but it was very difficult. The words were just sticking in my throat. Such callousness and mocking of the LORD, I had trouble coming up with what to say. I asked some of the other guys and they were also battling their flesh. In this situation, sometimes it is better to shut your mouth rather than to blaspheme the LORD by speaking carnality to those we had been ministering too. Most of the guys chose to wisely hold their tongues for the remainder of the day. We gathered together to pray and most of us left at that point.

Mike decided to address the Catholics who had interrupted Heather. He asked me not to join him right away so we didn’t appear as intimidating. I could hear them talking for a while and it seemed like tempers were rising. Also several of them had closed around Mike, so I decided to walk over anyway. The woman who interrupted Heather refused to apologize for this and also was very clear that they did not agree with our preaching of the Law to bring a sinner to understand their depravity and need for Christ. One man stated that ‘Christ separates the sinner from the sin.’ which I took issue with. I told him that while that is true, Christ does separates the sinner from the sin by becoming sin on the cross and by abolishing sin and death, I told him that no one is separated from their sin until they come to Christ and are covered by the blood of Jesus Christ. He demanded again that Christ hates the sin but not the sinner and that the two are separated. I asked him to show me this in the Bible and he couldn’t. I told him that he was spitting lies from the pit of Hell. There was a lot more to this discussion and this is not all verbatim but this is the gist.

We left shortly thereafter, just after we left the police finally arrived. I did not speak to them but I believe Mike did. The police typically take 2 or more hours to respond to a call out here which is ridiculous.

There were no saves that we know of, but the Gospel was presented. There were children who lost their lives today, but the people of God DID stand in opposition. When the abortion holocaust is finally ended in our nation and the history books write about the men and women who did nothing and those who were fighting in the trenches, I know for certain which side we stood on. We stand on the side of the LORD. When you are asked which side YOU stood on by your grandchildren, what will you be able to say?